21.12.2014 – 7.03.2015

SWING Gallery is happy to celebrate the opening of the new exhibition space, after three years from the first foundation. In occasion of this special event is presented WELCHOME, a group show that explores the intimacy of a private home through a selection of iconic everyday objects: lightings, armchairs,  a stool, a chaise longue, a set of plates, vases, candleholders, a big rug. The works presented in this exhibition are made by a group of designers that all have different geographical and social backgrounds, and who work with different references and inspirations. WELCHOME presents designworks by Julian F. Bond (UK), Marina Dragomirova (Bulgaria) and Iain Howlett (UK), Julie Lansom (France), Jungin Lee (South Korea), Dahm Lee (South Korea), Franziska Wernicke | detailF (Germany), Milena Krais (Germany), Andrea Magnani and Giovanni Delvecchio (Italy), the most part exclusively designed for SWING Gallery.

Julian F. Bond (Abu Dhabi, UAE, 1984). He lives and works in London. The PIXEL VASES  were formed by the Pixel Casting Machine, a machine created by the designer to produce unique ceramic vases.Julian F. Bond was inspired by his fascination for the different processes of production and the analysis of how these can be reinterpreted and made unique by intervening manually. The result of this unique research is a universe of objects, which by mixing the handmade and industrial, enhances the potential of the materials and the charm of imperfection.

Marina Dragomirova (Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 1983) & Iain Howlett (Truro, UK, 1980). They lives and works in London. STELLAR is a collection of unique glass lamps combining assorted vintage glass objects with advanced L.E.D light technology. Each lamp is made up of glass elements that have been carefully selected from thrift shops found around Marina and Iain’s east London studio. “For us, this project was about blending the charm of vintage crystal with a contemporary L.E.D light technology – to produce an unexpected harmony.”

Julie Lansom (Montpellier, France, 1987). She lives and works in Paris. RAINBOW COLLECTION is a collection of lights exclusively produced for Swing Gallery. Long time photographer and now designer, Julie is a versatile artist, who swings between her camera and her design studio. Sputnik was the name given to the first Russian satellite sent into space in 1960’s. Sputnik lights are inspired by the retro-futuristic spirit of those ships, and more generally the graphical 1960s and 1970s aesthetics.

Jungin Lee (Gwang-ju, South Korea, 1985). She lives and works between London and Seoul. FROZEN explores a new process of making furniture. Fascinated by both industrial and handmade process, Jungin Lee tries to combine them together, experimenting materials and techniques as well as aesthetic-formal features. Taking inspiration from origami technique, each Frozen piece is made with folding skill that expands an unpredicted form individually; the designer makes use of an industrial process but by hands.

Dahm Lee (Augsburg, Germany, 1986). She lives and works in Berlin. QUADRAT is a graphical and usable object. Referencing the familiar forms of hexagonal and pentagonal volumes, designer Dahm Lee twists and bends rectangular structures to create ‘quadrat’, a modular shelving rack. The sculptural object gives the user freedom to decide its function.

Franziska Wernicke|detailF (Berlin, Germany, 1984). She lives and works in Berlin.  ROOM MOMENT C3 is a rug produced in limited edition. The subtle and smooth color gradient effect gives the impression of a change of dimension in the rug, inviting the user to experience a whole new interior dimension. detailF is the Berlin based studio of  independent textile & surface designer Franziska Wernicke.

Milena Krais (Pforzheim, Germany, 1986). She lives and works in Hamburg. DEFORM STARDUST is a couple of armchairs part of DEFORM Collection. The project explores the world of beauty through a personal reflection that emphasizes some stereotypes of modern culture. “Deform seating furniture are allusions to body deformation in various ways. Like the human body itself the furniture shows lumps and swellings at second glance. In spite of these modification Deform furniture succeeds in preserving an aesthetic standard through the choice of colour and a smoothly knitted surface. Deform furniture challenges us to question the contradiction of beauty and ugliness and to break with the pressure of pursuing the perfect body.” Milena Krais

Andrea Magnani (Faenza, Italy, 1983) and Giovanni Delvecchio (Cesena, italy, 1981).They lives and works between Faenza and Milano. GALACTICA is a first series of ceramics for the table in which the universe seems to open up to offer his nourishment.Their research shares the fascination for the human dimension inside each object. With narrative and conceptual language, this designers duo makes use of new domestic rituals calling design paradigm into question.